Upwork Css Test Answers 2018


Below are the Upwork Css Test Answers 2018 – Top 10. if we are missing any questions you can post it in comments and we will help you to find upwork test answers.

1) How many input elements can get automatic focus after page load?

a. Can not be done without JavaScript
b. 1
c. 0
d. As many as needed

2) Which of the following is not a valid attribute for the audio element in HTML5?

a. preload
b. loop
c. stopped
d. muted

3) Which HTML element is used to make a dropdown selection with options divided to sections?

a. option
b. section
c. optionSection
d. optgroup

4) Which method is used to fetch the current geographic location of the user and update it as the user moves?

a. getCurrentPosition()
b. watchPosition()
c. getContinuousPosition()
d. watchContinuousPosition()

5) Select all the valid attributes of an audio element. (choose all that apply)

a. autoplay
b. playback
c. controls
d. src
e. repeat

6) Which of these elements are deprecated in HTML5?

a. < center >
b. < font >
c. < iframe >
d. < tfoot >

7) Which of the following is not a core method of WebSQL Database API?

a. openDatabase
b. transaction
c. executeSql
d. connect

8) Which method is used to check if the browser can play the specified audio/video type?

a. checkType
b. canPlayType
c. typeSupport
d. mediaPlayType

9) Which attribute specifies whether or not a user is allowed to drag an element?

a. draggable
b. context
c. content
d. drag

10) What is used to continuously push events from the web server to the client’s browser?

a. Server Sent Events
b. Web Workers
d. Push Notifications

11) Which of the following video formats is not supported by the video tag?

a. MP4
b. WebM
c. Ogg
d. Mov

12) Select the valid content sectioning elements: (choose all that apply)

a. li
b. article
c. footer
d. div
e. navigation
f. footer
g. nav
h. seter

13) Which of the following HTML element is used to create vector graphics?

a. < div />
b. < canvas />
c. < svg />
d. Other
e. < vector />

14) The HTML5 element used to draw a graphics via scripting?

a. mark
b. figure
c. Canvas
d. figcaption

15) What is the correct HTML element to define important text?

a. < strong >
b. < imp >
c. < i >
d. < important >

16) Which method is used to finish a launched worker?

a. endWorker
b. end
c. terminate
d. finish

17) Which value of Socket.readyState indicates that the connection is going through the closing handshake?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

18) What was the previous version of HTML, prior to HTML5?

a. HTML 4.01
b. HTML 4.9
c. HTML 4.09
d. HTML 4

19) Which one of the following is not a valid input control in HTML5?

a. range
b. url
c. address
d. number

20) Custom data attributes (data-*) are very useful for storing data private to a page or application. Are there any naming conventions for custom data attributes?

a. Custom data attributes can be named like variables in JavaScript.

b. A custom data attribute’s name has to start with the string “data-”, followed by at least one character, it also has to be XML-compatible and contain no uppercase ASCII letters.

c. The first character of the custom data attribute’s name must not be a number and the name also has to contain the string “data” somewhere.

21) Select correctly written HTML elements.(choose all that apply)

a. < input type=“submit” value=“Submit” >
b. < input type=submit value=Submit disabled=“false” >
c. < input type=submit value=‘Submit’ disabled >
d. < input type=submit value=Submit autofocus=“autofocus” >

22) What is the role of the element in HTML5?

a. Defines a possible line-break.
b. Defines the main content of a document.
c. Defines an important text.
d. Defines a wide `br` tag.

23) Which of the following are important attributes that can be used with < < embed > tag? (choose all that apply)

a. hide
b. autoplay
c. align
d. name
e. loop

24) How can you enable grammar checking for the text input?

a. Add attribute check with value “yes”
b. Add attribute spelling with value “check”
c. Add attribute spelling with value “dont-skip”
d. Add attribute spellcheck

25) How do you make the content inside an element editable?

a. Setting the attribute contenteditable = “true”
b. Setting the attribute editable = “true”
c. Setting the attribute content = “editable”
d. The content inside all the elements is editable by default in HTML5.

26) Which of the following attribute triggers event when an element gets user input?

a. oninput
b. ondata
c. onput
d. onhaschange

27) Which attribute specifies that the image is part of a server-side image-map?

d. imageMap

28) Which of the following are valid input types? (Check all that apply)

a. button
b. date
c. email
d. address
e. range

29) Which attributes are supported by the HTML < object > tag? (Check all that apply)

a. usemap
b. decarle
c. declare
d. codetypes
e. classid
f. archive

30) Which of these statements are considered as best practices? (Choose all that apply)

a. Place all CSS/JavaScript files within theelement Place all CSS/JavaScript files at the bottom ofelement

b. Place CSS files within theelement

c. Place JavaScript files at the bottom ofelement

31) Which HTML element could be used to display an ordered list?

a. ol
b. ul
c. list
d. ordered

32) Which of the following is/are valid HTML5 attributes? (Check all that apply)

a. webgl
b. spellcheck
c. manualfocus
d. contextmenu

33) Which of these values are allowed for attribute “method” for form element?

a. get
b. post
c. patch
d. delete

34) How many h1 elements are recommended on a single page?

a. Unlimited.
b. One per section (HTML5) or one per document (HTML4).
c. Depends on the size of the page.

35) Which of the following attribute triggers an abort event?

a. offline
b. abort
c. onabort
d. onbeforeonload

36) Which of the following are valid for the template element in HTML5? (Choose all that apply)

a. Templates are rendered inside the document, so you can easily access them via JavaScript (e.g. document.getElementById() or querySelector()).

b. Templates provide a method for declaring inert DOM subtrees and manipulating them to instantiate document fragments with identical contents.

c. Any content within a template won’t have side effects. Scripts don’t run, images don’t load, audio doesn’t play, etc.

c. Templates can be placed anywhere inside of,, or

37) Which of the following input type is used to create a file upload control?

a. input
b. upload
c. file
d. browse

38) What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?

a. < a >http://www.website.com< /a >
b. < a href=”http://www.website.com” >Website.com< /a >
c. < a name=”http://www.website.com” >Website.com< /a >
d. < a url=”http://www.website.com” >Website.com< /a >

39) Which of the following is an empty element?

a. < br/ >
b. < p > < /p >
c. < /img >
d. < /p >