The Usage of Mobile Apps is increasing in India!


According to the panellists from firms like Vserv, PwC and Mindbrowser, the mobile app usage in India has grown up to 131%, the shift from e-commerce to m-commerce with mobile shopping, news and personalised apps are factors which are responsible for the growth.

They have also said that apps are playing a important role in creating employment, enabling ease of doing business and also driving development through e-Education, e-Commerce and e-Governance.

In addition, the number of smartphones owners using e-Commerce Apps has gone up from 1,680 on may 2014 to 4,320 till the may 2015.

Sandeep Ladda who is e-Commerce sector leader said that, “At present the app economy has created about 75,000 direct jobs in India, which will be increasing to 600,000 over a period of time.

Users’ accessing the internet through their mobile has become a key driver for the growth of mobile apps also. Around 9 billion apps will be downloaded in India in 2015 which is 5 times more than the data recorded in 2012.