Few Sex Tips you should keep in your mind!

  • Celebrate your body, and your partner’s! There is no perfect body outside the movies, in reality, whether male or female – has parts that look pretty as well as funny so love them!
  • Research is necessary, theoretical as well practical, so first read about it and then try out!


  • Don’t ever try unsafe sex and also make sure you and your partner get yourselves tested regularly.
  • Don’t feel ashamed or guilty about. Respect your decision and enjoy it fully!
  • Be prepared for the awkward and messy situations! Life is not at all like the Movies 😉
  • Don’t say no to experiments, if you say no, you might never find out what you are missing!
  • Treasure that closeness and never ever take it for granted!
  • Be someone you always remember with pleasure and fondness.
  • And the most important, discuss it with your partner!