Alert! Are You A WhatsApp Group Admin?


Using WhatsApp has become something more than just a trend or necessity. Our generation is quite addicted to WhatsApp, but if you are admin of any group in WhatsApp then you must read this out.

You may have received many messages in the groups, what many would have dismissed as rumours or many ignore those messages, but tend to be taken seriously. Law enforcement agencies and cyber law experts say that existing laws in India are vague to fix responsibility for such messages. In majority of cases, the police fail to find the person responsible for generating these messages admins are held liable for the action of group members. Ideally the one who posts should be held responsible not the admin.

It is not an offence to receive information, but to forward it without knowing its genuineness can result loss to someone which can lead to further investigation and can be accused too. Police can take preventive action to maintain law on the basis of information received and also depending upon the nature of the content of WhatsApp message, a complaint can be lodge.