Sonu Nigam goes bald after a Maulavi challanged him


Sonu Nigam shaved his head off when a senior member of minority council issued a fatwa against him because of his comments over Azaan prayers.

Sonu nigam Said “I have a right to my opinion. Dharm ke nam pe log sharab pee ke naach rahe hote hai. Filmy gaane chala rahe hote hai. Matlab yeh dadagiri nahi hai?” Sonu Nigam also said “I didn’t speak against any religion. I am not against Azaan, only the use of loudspeakers. I believe in all faiths. This is a social topic, not a religious one”

Sonu Nigam went on to say, “I want to say this once again, what Aalim bhai is doing is not some agitation. Don’t feature it like that. Don’t portray it like a challenge. This is not some challenge. This is to tell you that baal kaatne wala Mussalman hai aur jiske baal katwane ka fatwa diya gaya hai woh Hindu hai. There is no animosity. I’m not cutting my hair against my will. I’m telling my Musalmaan bhai to cut my hair. If we interpret the talk of fatwa with love and if you’ll understand what I have said then that is wonderful.”