Shocking! It happens only in India!


India is a land of festivals. We celebrate numerous festivals, but there are some also shocking beliefs that will surprise you. Here is the list of few ones.

  • Theemithi-Fire Walking: In Tamilnadu, this festival is held as it is believed that those who participate in the fire walking ritual will be granted a wish by the goddess.
  • Falling babies for good luck: in this ritual, babies are dropped from the height of 50 feet at the Baba Umer Dargah near to Sholapur in Maharashtra. The falling babies are caught in a sheet held by men below. It is believed that doing this brings happiness and good luck.
  • Animal-human Wedding: It is believed that, if the bride is Manglik, she has to first marry with a dog, or a pot or with a peepal tree as marrying to a tree or a animal will ward off the evil effects of the curse on her human husband.
  • Cow Trampling: In Maharashtra, there is a village where this ritual is celebrated. According to this ritual, people adorn their cattle with flowers and henna and then lie down on the ground so that cow could trample over them. The belief behind this ritual is that this makes God to more prone to fulfil their prayers.
  • Wedding of some animals to bring rain: In some parts of India, animal weddings are held to make the Rain God happy. These weddings are conducted by priest and follow all Indian rituals.