‘Calendar Girls’ will be able to steal your hearts?


‘Calendar Girls’ is a new upcoming movie which is based upon the story of 5 models, who rise to fame after featuring in a calendar. Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who is known for showcasing real life issues through his films, he said, “‘Calendar Girls’ will reveal some shocking things.”

Madhur also said that he took inspiration from ex-calendar girls and Vijay Mallya for his next directorial venture. ‘Calendar Girls’ features newcomers Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Akansha Puri and Ruhi Singh.

“The film is 75% real and 25% fictional. There will be a lot of revelations made and things shown that will shock you. Finally, it is an emotional story that will find a connection with its viewers. The censor boards were very supportive. There are absolutely no cuts except for an abuse that has been beeped,” said the director of the film.

This film is going to rock the box offices on 25th September, 2015.