Driver named, Umesh Prasad said that on Wednesday afternoon, one of the women, Renu Lalwani had hired his autorikshaw and asked him to go to Arjun Nagar. At Arjun Nagar, she asked him to come to her flat for money. She locked the doors from inside and asked him for sexual favors but he totally denied.

Then she offered him wine but he refused to take it. She got frustrated and forced herself upon him. She tried to tear off his shirt and kissed him badly all over his body. There was her friend, foreigner who was filming the whole act.

After a while, when both of them went to another room for some discussion, he somehow managed to run away from her flat. He got his leg fractured in the process of running. This incident took place in Saket in South Delhi. He immediately went to the police station and lodged a complaint against both of them. Police has arrested Lalwani but they are still looking for the foreigner. Police has found 4 more badges in her flat which shows they had trapped other drivers too.