If you don’t like girly stuff and even hate being called a girl, then you are a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Trust me!!!

If you are tomboyish, you can completely relate to the following points:

• Most of the times, you prefer bro over babes or baby. The word “babes” sounds cheesy to you and you want to kick his or her ass whoever called you by that word.

• You like chilling with guys and at times, even guys forget the fact that you are a girl. Even you wished if you were a guy.

• You find it difficult and even next to impossible to find a guy of your type. Guys prefer girly girls who take care of them, have sweet talks with them. They don’t go for tomboyish girls. They consider them just as friends, not more than that.

• You don’t like wearing heels and rather prefer sneakers as they are more comfortable than those 6 inch heels.

• You don’t care about the way you look and the way you eat. You don’t give a damn about it.